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What to do in February

Inside: broad beans , sprouts, leeks, spinach, sprouting broccoli, early summer cauliflowers.
Outside: garlic, broad beans and very early peas if soil is warm enough
(if still freezing start off inside).

Cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouts, kale, celeriac, parsnips and swedes.

Pruning of gooseberry and currant bushes. Autumn raspberry canes cut to the ground and runners taken out. Trim tall canes of summer raspberries or tie in to the supports. Feed fruit bushes with blood, fish and bone and
mulch on top to keep moisture in and weeds down. Keep removing dead foliage and compost or destroy if deceased.

Watch for slugs hiding in brassica leaves, these may also need netting against pigeons. Check all stored crops regularly and discard any that are damaged or deceased.

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