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What to do in June

Successional sowing of carrots, beetroot, oriental leaves, lettuce, peas, spring onions. If not already growing, the following can be sown direct – broccoli, courgettes, squashes, french and runner beans, swedes and turnips.

It should be safe to put all seedlings in their final places now. Plant sweetcorn in blocks rather than rows to aid fertilisation. Make deep holes for leek seedlings and drop in whilst watering well.

Early potatoes, peas, broad beans, onions, beetroot, carrots, salad leaves, strawberries, gooseberries, garlic, shallot.

Keep up with watering and weeding. Net peas, brassicas and fruit bushes. Watch out for all the usual pests and deal with them by spraying or squashing them. Feed tomatoes once a week and keep pinching out side shoots. When broad beans and peas are finished, cut down but leave roots in the ground to add nitrogen to the soil. Pot up strawberry runners whilst still attached to parent plant to make new plants for next year. Remove dead leaves from brassica plants.

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