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What to do in April

Indoors: Cabbages, cauliflowers, celeriac, courgettes, squashes, cucumbers,
french and runner beans, sprouting broccoli, sweetcorn, kale, spinach.
Outdoors: Beetroot, lettuces, oriental leaves, rocket, turnips, peas, broad beans.

Second early and maincrop potatoes, onion sets.

Spring cabbages and cauliflowers, any remaining leeks or other winter crops.

Earth up early potatoes. Continue to prepare beds for sowing/transplanting seedlings by raking
and making a fine tilth. Prick out seedlings grown indoors into individual pots when they are ready. Move into larger pots as they grow, harden off gradually as the weather dictates. Keep watering new plants and weed carefully, thin out as necessary. Watch out for late frosts and be prepared to cover quickly. Put up sticks for peas.

Slugs and snails (really you need to watch out for these all year round). Cover crops against pigeons if they are a problem.

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