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CAA Events

The AGM scheduled for Tuesday 31st March 2020 was cancelled due to the government restrictions introduced to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. As soon as we can, we will schedule another date for the AGM.

It had been intended that at the AGM our membership would be given the opportunity to approve personnel changes to the CAA committee. We had been experiencing difficulties in finding replacements for those committee members who had expressed a desire to stand down. If replacements were not found then there was a real chance that the CAA would fold, an outcome that none of us wanted. However, after a plea had been published for volunteers to put themselves forward as committee members we were able to form a committee of seven which would include two existing members and five new volunteers. This means that the CAA continues to exist, and although approval has still to be given by the membership, we felt it would be best to continue with the new committee until such time as an AGM can be convened.